Nick Geoghegan

Professional Yak Shaver


Nick is an IT professional living and working in Ireland, who likes all things tech and nerdy. He tweets as @devxvda

Educated in NUI Galway, where he received an honours degree in Maths and Computer Science. Nick has worked for (amongst others) the Irish Centre for High End Computing, MongoDB (formerly 10gen),  MIRACL, and now AirBnB. Nick specialises in large scale distributed systems, cryptography, databases, and optimisations. Opinions expressed are his own. His employers have far harsher things to say about you.

Nick likes photography, singing bass as part of an IT professional’s barbershop quartet called The C-Sharps, Kei cars, and off roading. Nick also edits Wikipedia and is a proud member of the Daihatsu Copen Owners Club, where he pretends to be an amateur mechanic.

Nick’s research interests include GIS, Combinatorial Mathematics, scaling distributed systems, computer vision, augmented reality, cryptography, and machine learning.

Nick is currently working on an Open Source GPS program called Navit. He can be found in #navit on as Number6, the Navit Wiki as Number6 and on SourceForge as Geoghegan – if you have any problems.

Nick likes receiving presents. His Amazon wish list is here. If you absolutely, positively, need to get in contact with him, email