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Easter Sunday, April 1949

People celebrating Irish independence on O’Connell Bridge, Dublin, at midnight before Easter Sunday, April 1949

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Installing z-push on Debian 9

z-push is a great tool. It pretends to be an Exchange server, allowing you to have your IMAP server push emails to phones and other clients as if the client was talking to a real Exchange server. In this tutorial we will use an apache2 vhost with a LetsEncrypt cert, install z-push from source. The […]

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Meanwhile, in Donegal

Fairly sure Padre Pio won’t save him from the guards

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Interdimensional Cable

I’ve been a Youtube user and content creator for quite some time. For some ungodly reason I keep finding myself in the weird parts of Youtube. So I started collecting them in a playlist, which is currently at 1400 videos. This list is not safe for work, but boy is it weird as fuck. I […]

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Geoghegan On: Postmodern Development

Fredric Jameson establishes that in postmodernism we have experienced a weakening sense of historicity such that what is, what was, and what will be all exist as presents in time. 1970, 2019, and 2038 all happen simultaneously. Hence developers working on new projects while still coding in decades-old text editors. They write the future in […]

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Geoghegan on: The 5 levels of trust

I’ve been thinking about the different levels of trust you give to people over the past year or so, and I thought I’d do a blog post on what I consider to be the five different levels or types of trust. I might make more of these musings over the next few weeks and months, […]

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Setting up Google Auth 2FA on Debian

In a previous post, I went through setting up a Google Authenticator TOTP on a Yubikey. Let’s expand that to installing Google’s TOTP PAM Module, so we can use the Yubikey or Google Authenticator App as a TOTP based 2 factor authentication method to access our server. In this post, we’ll be setting this up on […]

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Meanwhile, on the farm

Fucking baackseat drivers  

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