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Linux Nyan Cat MoTD

I’ve always had interesting or funny MoTD on my servers. Since my naming convention is based on Futurama characters, I’ve plenty of fun MoTDs. There’s a project I’m working on, the acronym of which is N.Y.A.N – so of course I’ve to create a Nyan cat MOTD! Here’s what the MoTD looks like. On a Ubuntu machine, […]

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Installing Environment Modules

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper Linux post. I found Environmental Modules a while ago, and it is an utterly fantastic idea. From their blurb: What are Environmental Modules? The Environment Modules package provides for the dynamic modification of a user’s environment via modulefiles. Each modulefile contains the information needed to configure the shell for […]

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Issues with the NVIDIA 285.05.09 drivers on openSuSE 11.4

I came across an odd issue today with the Official NVIDIA Drivers on openSUSE. After updating the drivers, my external monitor would keep flickering and flashing regardless of the connection used (DVI or VGA). Unfortunately, the repo doesn’t keep old versions of the drivers, so I wasn’t able to revert back to a good, known […]

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Automagically start irssi in a screen, on boot

I run a channel logger for Navit which is simply a screened irssi session on a server. Why an irssi session in a screen? Well, the latter is obvious. The former is because, if my main irssi session – on another server – dies, I can “jump in” to the logging screen and let people know […]

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Handy package – sysv-rc-conf

I recently re-discovered sysv-rc-conf. sysv-rc-conf is a lovely interface to view the runlevels of services in the the /etc/init.d/ directory via ncurses. sysv-rc-conf is available in the Ubuntu and Debian repos, but sadly not available for openSUSE: apt-get install sysv-rc-conf Debian, as well as most of the distributions based on it, like early Ubuntu, does […]

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Dealing with an unresponsive server

Say you have a server that is currently under very heavy load. Thankfully you’ve already had a shell open, but the load is so high, even a quick check of the load takes 5 minutes. This is where the & is your friend. This single character will fork the process in the background, allowing it […]

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Ubuntu ruined my life

There are a few things wrong with this. $1100 for a “Bread and Butter” machine She should have made sure before ordering that the laptop had Windows. She could simply change operating systems Dell has a policy of shipping Linux to REDUCE costs. Every Dell purchase order clearly gives you the option of what OS […]

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Installing CEGCC on openSUSE 11.4

CEGCC is an a open source cross compiler for Windows CE. You can develop on a PC, and create apps that run on a WinCE device or a WinMo phone. After moving hard drives I noticed that I had forgotten about the cross compiler, which is in /opt/ – therefore not covered by a package […]

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Breaking WEP using Backtrack 3

I had a bet with a friend of mine (for a case of beer) that I could crack a fake WEP encrypted access point in under 5 minutes using my rather old Packard Bell Easynote Skype Edition. There are a few things to note, I used an old WEP only router that I was about […]

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