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Moving hard drives on openSUSE

Since upgrading to openSUSE 11.4, I’ve been getting warnings about the hard drive dying – Thank you SMART disk monitoring! I’ve customized my openSUSE install a fair bit, and really didn’t want to setup everything again. Here’s what I did. Ordered new hard drive and waited for it to arrive Did a package dump with […]

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Dual monitors on openSUSE Gnome

I was recently trying to get a dual monitor setup while on campus in NUIG for a few days. While the setup was perfectly cromulent, with the mouse moving between windows and the “look and feel” the way I wanted it, showing the task bar on the “left” or external screen proved tricky. It’s not […]

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Get timestamps on Bash’s History

One of the annoyances of Bash, is that searching through your history has no context. When did I last run that command? What commands were run at 3am, while on the lock? The following, single line, run in the shell, will provide date and time stamping for your Bash History the next time you login, […]

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PHP5-CGI on Debian Lenny

  This is a story all about how, my life got twist turned upside down – by PHP5-CGI on Debian Lenny. The documentation on this isn’t the best, so here’s how I was able to get PHP5 running.   All commands are assumed to be run as root.   apt-get install php5-cgi Installs PHP5-CGI, obviously. […]

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Server alerts via SMS

There was a server recently, that I used regularly, that I noticed kept going down in the middle of the night every Friday. Since I was fairly annoyed at not being able to check the websites hosted on the server on the weekends, and not able to check the exact time the server went down, […]

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