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The Milky Bar kid grows up

The image of the milky bar kid popped into my mind. I began to wonder if the Milky Bar Kid grew up to be the Milk Tray man. Maybe as a child star, he was bullied. Ostracised. And in turn, shuns society and took to the dark side streets – a confectionary “Phantom of the […]

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Geoghegan on: Memories

The main reason I like Brainstorm so much is because it is similar to Westworld, Blade Runner, RoboCop, and Total Recall. The philosophical question of “What are memories” runs throughout all of these works. Yes, even RoboCop and Total Recall asks this question. Unlike Blade Runner and Westworld, though, Brainstorm doesn’t ask the question of […]

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Geoghegan on: Brainstorm

Douglas Trumbull’s 1983 sci-fi classic, Brainstorm, is one of my favourite movies both in terms of plot and special effects. The movie itself seems to be a late 1970s imagining of the technological advancements possibly available in the mid 1980s – that science would finally allow us insight into other people’s minds. Into their hopes, […]

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Geoghegan on: Communication during the time of COVID-19

COVID-19, or the coronavirus, swept through the world at an alarming rate. This is due to its virulence and long incubation period before symptoms develop – allowing it to be passed on by a lot of people who don’t know their are sick. I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t know of someone who has been […]

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Another charm of hotels

I really enjoy just existing in hotels. The long identical hallways. The soulless abstract art. The weird noises the air conditioner makes. Strange city lights in the window. Six floors off the ground. Strangers chatting in the hall. Nothing in the wardrobe. No past, but an infinite present.

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