Rust Rust Rust!

Since my Copen is a UK import, rust is always a worry. The Copen seems to be worse off than most other Japanese cars, as they didn’t really use enough rust protection for the UK market – instead it looks like they used the same amount of protection as for the Japanese market… Who don’t salt the roads.

Knowing that the Copen had a non-trivial amount of rust damage, I still ran her through the NCT to see what she would fail on. I already knew that there was a hole in the exhaust, and that the exhaust has a botch weld job done to her – but there is no harm in running her through the NCT and seeing what else needs to be done. She failed on the exhaust. The pads, rotors, and rear shoes were getting a bit close to the limit, so I replaced them as well. As you can see in the below photo, the hole in the exhaust is rather large, large enough to fit two fingers into.


1456606_534942127147_1715463541_n 1383608_534942142117_1557707755_n 1488194_534942226947_1766452775_n 1461234_534942246907_2138910106_n 1459301_534942261877_1404131692_n 1463087_534942291817_786165729_n 1457470_534942316767_1124961191_n 1463035_534942341717_1035254181_n 1461087_534942356687_1045301945_n 1488150_534942381637_316310738_n 1453401_534942401597_1185794734_n 1471404_534942421557_1840416345_n 1393056_533200876627_340854492_n 1385460_533200866647_871349266_n 1379946_533200871637_742055809_nSo I had the exhaust, rotors / disks, shoes, all the fluids, oil and air filters replaced – she ran through the NCT perfectly fine the second time and has been humming like a bird ever since.

Keeping on top of rust is a challenge, and I know I will be spending a lot of time – and money – in repairing the major rust, before moving onto the paintwork. Rust is like a cancer, it will eat you from the inside out. What looks like a small bit of rust rarely is. If you want my advice, never EVER buy a UK car, as I’ve seen cars of only 3 or 4 years old eaten from the core due to rust.