Automagically start irssi in a screen, on boot

Irssi Logo

I run a channel logger for Navit which is simply a screened irssi session on a server. Why an irssi session in a screen?

Well, the latter is obvious. The former is because, if my main irssi session – on another server – dies, I can “jump in” to the logging screen and let people know that there’s an issue.

The logging server may require a reboot remotely if it locks up, I’d like the logger to start back as soon as possible.

As root, edit /etc/rc.local with:

/bin/su normal_user_name -c "/usr/bin/screen -dmS irc_logger /usr/bin/irssi"

Since the ~/.irssi/config file contains all the details such as where to log to & what channels to join, I don’t need to worry about it!