Dual monitors on openSUSE Gnome

I was recently trying to get a dual monitor setup while on campus in NUIG for a few days. While the setup was perfectly cromulent, with the mouse moving between windows and the “look and feel” the way I wanted it, showing the task bar on the “left” or external screen proved tricky. It’s not shown by default, but there is a way of doing it.

  • Click on the empty task bar down the bottom
  • Add a new panel
  • Holt down the alt key and drag the panel to the new screen
  • Right click the blank panel
  • Click “Add to panel”
  • Select “Window list”
  • Add and close

You now have a task bar on the bottom, with all the windows open on that monitor. Add in the Traditional Gnome menu and any other enhancements you want – such as the “Show Desktop” icon, and you’re sorted.