Installing CEGCC on openSUSE 11.4

CEGCC is an a open source cross compiler for Windows CE. You can develop on a PC, and create apps that run on a WinCE device or a WinMo phone.

After moving hard drives I noticed that I had forgotten about the cross compiler, which is in /opt/ – therefore not covered by a package migration nor copying /home/. It was really easy to miss, I have to admit, as CEGCC’s 0.59.01 compiler isn’t available in YaST (or apt) – it’s just available as a binary blob that you copy into /opt/.

How do I reinstall CEGCC, then?

Head on over to the download page and get the arm-mingw32ce tarball.

tar xvvf mingw32ce-0.59.1.tar.bz2
cd opt
sudo cp -r mingw32ce /opt/

I keep getting config errors!

I discovered that openSUSE 11.4 supplies different versions of two libraries, which will break the Navit configuration of the cross compiler. These are and You will need to add in these libraries from the 11.3 repo.

Libgmp is available as a 1-Click-Install, as is libmpfr1

This does NOT affect people who have upgraded from 11.3, only fresh installs of 11.4. Please do NOT symlink other versions of the same library, or you’ll end up with strange memory issues and lots of coredumps.