Navit, is a free open source mapping program that uses OpenStreetMap‘s mapping data.

I’ve been fiddling around with Navit for the past week after getting “Hans” – a kickass WinCE GPS from Deal Extreme – and while it requires a LOT of configuration, I’m very impressed.

So far, I’ve been heavily editing the On Screen Display to work correctly with Hans – things like button position and overlaid data such as turn signals, street your currently on, ETA, etc.

One of the downsides of such a small project is the simple fact that there are not that many developers – even less for WinCE. I noticed a bug in Navit regarding Ireland – Poor Navit couldn’t “see” Ireland in the Locale settings. I went on their IRC channel ( #navit on Freenode ) and was talking to Rikky. I asked him to fix the bug, as I STILL haven’t gotten around to doing proper development work, and within 20 minutes the bug was submitted and patched – Revision 3534.

I then copped that the bug fix was incorrect and submitted by own bug fix with patch. Ah well!

Cross compiling the damn thing to WinCE was beyond a joke. It took me 2 weeks to find the problem. In the end, I installed cegcc from RPM and finally got a configuration file to stick – updating the wiki with my great work.

Sadly, routing from Carlow to Galway alludes Hans as he only has a limited amount of RAM and CPU, but we’re all working to fix it. Navit XML configuration file for Hans