2013 — Looking Back

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2013 has been a bit different. A year of more odd photos, personal goals, standing for my convictions, and reflection. At the start of the year, I left ICHEC and joined 10gen (now called MongoDB Inc.), where the Sydney office apparently love me. ICHEC was a huge part of my life, especially at the end, however it was time to move on to a new challenge.

2013 has also been a year where mass emigration continues to stretch families, I got a new phone, my car was stolen (although I did do a few test drives), passed the driving test (WOOHOO), bought a car from the UK (upcoming post), did a mechanics course, and started taking the bus to work. We also lost Colm and Seamus, two great giants of Ireland.

I’ve also had to deal with my own demons. I finally wrote down my experience of loosing a child, although there is only so much that you can write  – as finding the words can be difficult. Thank you to everyone who has gotten in touch – you have no idea how much this means to me, even if I don’t say it.

I’ve been writing here less and less, instead taking my “stream of consciousness” over to another written medium. That and finding the time for substantial blog posts, these days, is getting more and more difficult. I hope that in 2014, I will have more time to keep writing here. And what will 2014 bring?

We see every week that more and more jobs are being announced – pity the 300 jobs company X are bringing are over the next 5 years. Still, you gotta love the old PR machine, hey? Seriously, we will continue to see the emigration of those ages 20-35, particularly those will “low skills” in our so called “knowledge economy” (Don’t get me started on the latter phrase). We will see more and more spin doctoring from the political establishment, more tightening of belts as already stretched families are asked to help out their country more.

We will also see NAMA finally being accountable for their actions, the possible burning of Anglo (although I’d highly highly doubt that, it would still be nice), more checks and balances after the hospital pay scandal. However, we will also see a cutting of services, an increase in poverty, and an increase in suicides because of poverty. Nationally, we’re not over the worst, but things should hopefully get better.