An open note to Packard Bell about Recovery disks


I made a complete balls of my Windows Install including the recovery partition, and the self made recovery DVD’s are scratched beyond recognition.

Is it possible to get the CD’s off of you?



Hello, Thank you for contacting Packard Bell.

Regarding your enquiry,

For information about availability and prices, please call the Packard Bell Sales & upgrade Department on 0871 467 0008 during office hours (9.00 a.m. until 5.30 p.m.). Disc sets would cost £50 and take approximately 10-15 working days for delivery.

When contacting our Sales & upgrade Department please mention the computer’s serial number to assure an efficient response.

Thank you for contacting Packard Bell. We look forward to hearing from you soon


Packard Bell UK Customer Support Team

Good Evening,

I’m afraid I cannot afford fifty of your British Pounds Sterling as my owl has eaten all the money I had hidden in the sugar bowl (FYI – Owls on sugar is like Lindsey Lohan on coke).

I have attached a self portrait of myself. I am a well renowned artist, brother, lover and ginge – currently King of the Gingers for five consecutive years, with every year involving a bear knuckle boxing match which takes place in a blue horsebox being pulled by a Massie 135 through the village center. Two men enter, one man leaves… then the other man leaves a short time later.

The current price for my artwork is seventy five pound sterling, which is 182 German Deutsche Marks or 1024768 Itchy and Scratchy Dollars and by reading this email you accept my portrait as full payment for any fees incured now or in the future including, but not limited to; postage, panda attack, sexual harassment lawsuits, incarceration due to pantlessness, or the purchase of new pants.

I await in joyfull hope for the coming of the flying Spaghetti Monster and to hear from you soon regarding the postage of the CD’s.


Dr.Nicholas Ignatious Gerard Geoghegan-Eta Rossa, PhD, ASCII, WPA, TELNET

Nick - Age 24

Hello, Thank you for contacting Packard Bell.

Regarding your enquiry,

The picture was excellent, and the email was funny, however we can only provide recovery CD’s for usual fee of £50.


Packard Bell Support Team

My Dearest Steve,

How have you been?

It’s been a long time, far far too long. Every time I see a clear blue sky I am reminded of you. Do you remember that fresh, warm, June afternoon we spent together by the lake all those years ago?

We were so young and carefree back then, filled with pith and vinegar. It’s hard to look back and believe we were so naive back then – but that is the folly of youth. Do you remember the boat Captain, with his weather worn, scared face? He passed away two years ago, it was a beautiful funeral. Flowers and brass adorned every part of his rich, oaken coffin. I thought I’d see you there, but you never showed.

I still look back on that day with fondness, that was the day we stopped being children and became men… we grew up so much in that single day. I still remember the cucumber and jam sandwiches? How we thought cucumber and raspberry jam together would be nice I’d never know!

When I close my eyes at night, I can still feel your warm embrace. We both know what we were doing was wrong in the eyes of God, but it felt so right. I’ve taught myself to keep those urges under control, but seeing your email has made all those emotions come flooding back to me.

I will be perfectly candid and straight, I’ve found a wife and we married a few years ago but the love I feel for her is different to our love. Our beautiful, passionate love.

I really do hope you like the picture I sent previously. I hope that seeing it wasn’t difficult for you. Trying to find the courage and will to reply to your email has been mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting for me.

By replying to my last email you have indicated that you accept my End User Licence Agreement and I can’t wait to receive the Recovery Disks in the post – hopefully scented with your musk. When you are ready to post the disks, please let me know and I’ll tell you my home address… Do with it as you will, but please be discreet.

Forever yours,

Dr.Nicholas Geoghegan, PhD, CDRW, TCP/IP, GCC-CPP

Hello, Thank you for contacting Packard Bell.

Regarding your enquiry,

Unfortunateley [sic] you will need to contact the call centre to obtain recovery CD’s. Their number is 0871 467 0008.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Packard Bell Support Team