I’ve been thinking a lot lately about friendship. How, people come and people go from our lives – however fleeting – and the impact they make on our lives.

How, someone that we have loved with all of our hearts one day can, literally, vanish from our lives the next. Not necessarily from death or even bitterness. Sometimes simple circumstance can take a best friend, a lover or a partner right out of your hands, never to be seen again.

There are times that I think of all the people who have wandered away from me and from my life. I remember all of the people that I have wandered away from. And then I wonder, will there ever be a time when they might reconnect? Not just for a ‘blast from the past,’ but a real reconnection, a rejoining, a resumption of the friendship as if the split had never happened. Probably not, but it has happened, and I dwell in hope that it might happen again.

When I left Galway, I left so many good people behind. I left a true family of friends with the absolute belief that nothing would change, that we would continue to talk and visit and share a rare closeness of heart. Of course, that didn’t happen as distance, time and space created an inevitable chasm between intention and reality. For some, myself included, the distance was simply too much to satisfy our immediate needs.

During all this, you need to try to stay positive and try to appreciate the people in your life that you truly love while they are still around. But still hold onto the good memories when they no longer are.

Our time on this Earth is limited, and when we leave it is not up to us. Most of the time, there aren’t warnings to tell you your time is limited. Everyone should appreciate those in their lives because they may not be around tomorrow.

There is one thing inevitable in life, in all our lives, that we have no control over and never will be able to control. Change.