Going Back

Look! It’s Alan Hughes from TV3.

I remember this ad growing up as a child. Why the ESB even released an advertisement like this is baffling, as in the eighties, there was no choice in electricity supplier, unlike – say – the NightSaver ad which was advertising a specific product or service from ESB. I’m surprised at the modern appliances, such as the ceramic hob, which most new homes only got in the mid to late nineties.

It’s a truly lovely ad, capturing an age of innocence. Sentimental, but it was a more innocent time back then. No consumerism, no Celtic Tiger, motorways to shopping malls, and superpubs. I love the quaintness of how she puts on his electric blanket!

I do like the old Iarnrod Eireann train at Rush/Lusk station, where you had to manually open and close the door, which were only gotten rid of in 2008.

I think it rings home now, in 2011, as it did in 1988 with Dusty Springfield’s haunting Going Back. My generation has, like previous generations, been forced into mass emigration – only returning home for Christmas, a wedding, or a funeral.