Regan, the cranky SysAdmin

In the LDAP forest [forest]
Between the SSH keys
In a chmod cottage
Lives Regan [Regan] Regan [Regan]
Regan the cranky SysAdmin


Part 6

And so all of the users
Chased Regan, the cranky SysAdmin, into
A very cold and very scary cave and it
Was so cold and scary in there that
Regan began to cry SysAdmin tears,
Which as we all know turn into Megabits!


Just then, he felt a
Tiny little hand on his ethernet cable
And he turned around, and who should it be
But the badly burnt Windows boy from the day before
‘What are you doing? I thought I LART’ed you yesterday?’
Grumbled Regan quite crankily!
‘Noo, no Regan you didn’t LART me with your ban hammer,
I SCPed to safety, but I was left very badly corrupted’,
Laughed the boy!


‘Why are you crying, Regan?’
Well, all of the users chased me into
This scary cave, I think it’s because I’m so cranky!
Get your hand off my keyboard, you’ll make it dirty’
‘They didn’t chase you here because of your crankyness,
They chased me here too, when I became
All corrupted like this. They just don’t like
Us. Because… Because we’re different to them”


And at that, Regan cried a single tear
Which turned into a MegaBit, all the
Flavours of Linux!
And suddenly, Regan wasn’t cranky anymore.


So they sat in the cave [the cave]
And ate Raspberry Pi [yum!]
Regan the cranky [Regan the cranky]
Regan the cranky – well not anymore – SysAdmin… !