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Meanwhile, on the farm

Fucking baackseat drivers  

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Configuring a YubiKey for TOTP on OSX

I recently got a YubiKey FIDO U2F as part of Yubico and Github’s bromance sale at a fairly heavy discount of $13 off! Mine, including shipping, cost $11. They had issues with the initial keys they sent out being partially configured – if you tried to force setup the FIDO U2F it would brick the […]

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Replacing the Copen’s air filter

27k miles, not 15k miles. The three years is right, though.

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Updating a Note II to 4.4.2

When O2 Ireland got bought out by Three, I feared that all updates for the Note II (N7100) would stop. I was not mistaken – a number of months in, and no updates with no plan to update. The phone is also loaded down with O2 crapware that you cannot remove. Three support the Note […]

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Meanwhile, in Clondalkin

Must really help with all the shooting there of late  

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