Nick Geoghegan

Professional Yak Shaver

Adding keys to a Daihatsu / Toyota Immobiliser

The Copen uses the same immobiliser as the YRV, as well as a few Toyotas. This isn’t overly surprising, seeing as Toyota own most of Daihatsu. These instructions will only work if you have a Texas C type chip – that is, a static transponder code – from what I can tell, or test for […]

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Installing a tonneau cover / opening cover on the Copen

End result is a rather dapper, particularly when I plastidipped the roll over bars!  

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Happy Christmas

Love, Nick and Ham  

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Meanwhile, in Easons

The above notice is particularly true when you are having relations with an Athlone girl  

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Meanwhile, in Tramore

Tramore, a real live example of Dante’s seventh circle of hell.  

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