Nick Geoghegan

Professional Yak Shaver

Replacing the Copen’s Stereo

My Copen came with a bluetooth stereo that didn’t want to work after I got the car. At the time, I had no idea why, so I simply replaced it with the one I had from my Pajero. Later I discovered that the fuse in the stereo blew, so replaced the fuse and swapped out […]

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Rust Rust Rust!

Since my Copen is a UK import, rust is always a worry. The Copen seems to be worse off than most other Japanese cars, as they didn’t really use enough rust protection for the UK market – instead it looks like they used the same amount of protection as for the Japanese market… Who don’t […]

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Importing a car from the UK to Ireland

Shortly after my Pajero was stolen, I started the hunt for a new car. After scouring carzone, going on Honest John, doing test drives, and searching donedeal, I found that car that I wanted – a Daihatsu Copen. The Copen is a small, two seat, sports car. Small is, actually, an understatement – the car is tiny! […]

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2013 — Looking Back

2013 has been a bit different. A year of more odd photos, personal goals, standing for my convictions, and reflection. At the start of the year, I left ICHEC and joined 10gen (now called MongoDB Inc.), where the Sydney office apparently love me. ICHEC was a huge part of my life, especially at the end, however it […]

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